Our Favorite Crayons

February 26, 2016
Natural and vibrant!

In my efforts to create a healthy natural home for my kiddos I started the hunt for good crayons a while back. I had bought these beeswax crayons with the intention of getting crayons made without a bunch of chemicals, but I never would have guessed how much we’d love them for their coloring ability! The color is super vibrant and you barely have to press down to get that vibrant color. They’re also great for smaller hands and the triangular shape keeps them from rolling off the table (making it harder for younger siblings to get at them). They’re also not going to break your bank since they cost less than $13. You can buy them here.

They’re totally kid approved too, my daughter loved them so much when we got them for her that she asked to sleep with them. Which didn’t happen (I really didn’t want to wake up to our little artists creations all over her walls) but she was still pretty happy to wake up in the morning and start coloring right away.

Happy Coloring!!

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