Going Paperless (Part 1)

September 2, 2016

We’ve been trying to go more minimal. Just to make it clear I’m naturally very much a pack rat. I’d rather not go into the gory details. But I did have things I held onto that I’m pretty much ashamed of, just bags I hadn’t used in years, a pair of broken flip-flops, you know…. The irony of it is if you had walked into my house you wouldn’t have known. It was more like “please don’t open any closets and especially don’t walk into my shed”. Anyway as I was purging I noticed a huge area of clutter that needed to be addressed..paper clutter.

Not only was it taking up a bunch of space in my home, it’s not very good for the environment. So finally, I’ve gone paperless-ish. There’s going to be a few things I think I’ll always like, like books over e-books, but when it comes to things like journals, documents, mail, kid’s art etc. I’m willing to make some changes. As a great bonus, I’ve noticed less silver fish around, for whatever reason those little guys really like paper. Also, it’s been faster and easier to find things I need!

Here are 3 apps if you’re looking at going in a more paperless direction:

1. Evernote – This app is amazing. Great for any and all paper needs. I have everything from legal documents to notes from church. You can keep everything organized in files so it’s easy to find. Any paper/document I don’t need a physical copy of I just take a picture, file it away in the cloud and then recycle the actual paper.

2. Artkive – I pretty much love this app! My kids’ art can be so hard to let go of, but at the same time I don’t really want to keep it. I have kept a select few that are extra special to me or that I like to hang for art around the house, but my kids make SO much art it’s too hard to keep all of it. Some people need to keep the originals and I get that, but even if you keep the originals, it’s nice to have something in case something ever happened to the originals. All you do is take a picture of your kid’s art. You can tag it and it will help you keep track of which kid was the artist if you have more than one and the date it was created. Also you can order products through it like a stuffed animal made from your kids drawing, coffee mugs, photo books, etc. They’s make great gifts for grandparents around the holidays! This is also a great app to have handy since the school year just started.

3. Pocket – okay so this isn’t quite paperless, but it’s really helpful. This app allows you to save an article to read for later. Which for me I would do 1 of 4 things in the past: 1. bookmark it, then have so many bookmarks I wouldn’t be able to find anything 2. write it down on a piece of paper then loose it (so sorta helping me go paperless) 3. email it to myself, then forget about it 4. leave the webpage open in another tab until I finally forget and accidentally closed it. With this app you can save an article/web page for later, what makes it really great is you can tag the web page. Then instead of trying to hunt down an article again you can just type whatever you tagged it in the search bar. I save all sorts of stuff from recipes to interesting articles to random products I’d like to read more about. 

Okay there’s the 3 apps, hope it helped! More to come on paperless in the next couple months.

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